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Past and Present Client Testimonials 

Since day one, I’ve been assisting individuals and businesses in defining and fulfilling their objectives. I’ve worked with industry-leading clients, and I’ve earned my reputation as being the best at what I do.

Please read some of our proud client testimonials below.

December 2022

I’ve known Orin Abrams for dozens of years. I’ve had the honor of working with Orin on numerous occasions on various projects. Orin’s integrity, work ethic, knowledge, sense of urgency, and dedication to his craft remain as impressive today as it has been throughout his career. When I find a need for a F&B consultant, Orin is the first call I make.

Alan Barmaper

Barmaper & Associates

Hotel Consulting Strategies

December 2022

It is my distinct pleasure to provide this reference for Mr. Orin Abrams and his company, At Your Service Hospitality.

As the Superintendent of Parks and Golf for the City of Anaheim, I was responsible for the design and construction, and ultimately the operation, of a 30,000 square foot golf clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course. The project included a banquet room with capacity for 350 guests, bar and grille rooms and a snack bar. The right selection of a Food and Beverage Concessionaire was of paramount importance to the City, given the City’s $7 million investment in the construction.

A nation-wide search was conducted for the best concessionaire, concluding with the selection of Mr. Abrams who signed an agreement for five years with three five-year options to renew. The City found At Your Services Hospitality to have an excellent record and references. Mr. Abrams demonstrated a vast and thorough knowledge of the catering and banquet business. He also displayed keen business acumen and, most of all, an unswerving dedication to quality service and the maximization of customer satisfaction.

Mr. Abrams entered into his agreement while the project was being designed and he contributed considerable expertise in assisting in the design of the kitchen and banquet facilities. He also added valuable input into the elements of the interior design effort. He proved to be an essential member of our design team.

But, in the end, it’s the results that matter and, once again Mr. Abrams did not disappoint. The City had projected the first year’s revenue for the clubhouse to be close to $1 million. The actual first year’s food and beverage topped $2 million, and Mr. Abrams’ success continues to this day.

You will find Mr. Abrams to be well organized, detail oriented, extremely sensitive to customer needs, and, most of all, willing to listen and make mid-course adjustments when needed.

I can say, without hesitation, Orin was the most competent and best hire made in my 28 years with Anaheim.


Jack Kudron

Retired Superintendent of Parks and Golf

City of Anaheim

August 2012

Orin Abrams responded to a City of Anaheim Request for Proposal, and was subsequently selected, to be the Food and Beverage Concessionaire, to operate the future $7M, 30,000 square foot, Anaheim Hills Golf Course Clubhouse, in 2001.

From the beginning, it became clear that with Orin Abrams, the City was getting a good partner. To begin with, Mr. Abrams served an integral role in the planning and construction of the facility, bringing forth a wealth of experience-based anticipatory feedback. Mr. Abrams insightfully identified multiple and potentially costly pitfalls. Mr. Abrams also provided several helpful improvement recommendations, wherein he was able to identify unrealized future opportunities, including cost-benefit analyses for each.

Several months prior to the facility grand opening in February of 2004, Mr. Abrams was hard at work marketing the facility and pre-booking many events, conducting bridal site visits from a parking lot temporary golf shop trailer, with no more than a floor plan and an artist rendition, overlooking the sights and sounds of a construction site. Somehow, brides-to-be, and their parents, knew to trust Orin with their wedding day, despite these obstacles. Mr. Abrams hit the ground running, far exceeding first year sales projections, without a hitch, while generating community support. Mr. Abrams continually identified and anticipated new challenges and opportunities, taking them on with a confident and assuring 'can do' attitude.

In subsequent years, Mr. Abrams has continued to grow sales and praise, beyond projections, outpacing industry standards. At the same time, his community involvement and service have been exemplary. Mr. Abrams does not seem to be satisfied resting on his past accomplishments, as he is always pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box, with new and creative ideas to improve product and service quality, value, and sales.

The City has been a direct beneficiary of Mr. Abrams' efforts and success, collecting rent and sales tax revenues beyond the budgeting forecasts, which supported the facility's initial expense approval decision process. In 2008, the Anaheim City Council voted 5 - 0 to extend the Concessionaire Agreement with Mr. Abrams, for an additional five years. As the then City Manager, I am proud to have supported Mr. Abrams, heading up staff’s recommendation to Council for his initial selection, as well as for his more recent renewal term assignment.

Mr. Abrams 'sees the forest for the trees', successfully striking a positive balance between potentially contradictory long- term City and Golf Operations goals, with his obvious need to generate a reasonable short-term profit. I have come to know Mr. Abrams for his integrity and as a man of his word above all. When you work with Orin Abrams, you soon learn that he can be relied and depended upon, and that he can be trusted, beyond reproach.

In summary, as you consider extending your agreement with Mr. Abrams, I encourage you to place high value on his record of performance and commitment to serve the Anaheim Hills Community. The success at the Anaheim Hills Clubhouse would not have occurred without him.


David M. Morgan

City Manager

City of Anaheim

August 2012

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Orin Abrams and The Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course.

As President of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, I have worked with Orin for eight years and have first-hand experience of his quality planning, professionalism, and execution of events. For these reasons, it has been our pleasure to bring our golf tournament at Anaheim Hills on an annual basis and highly recommend this venue to others.

The Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course has a positive quality reputation. In 2008, a selection committee comprised of community leaders and board members representing both large and small businesses chose The Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course to be honored as the Small Business of the Year. Orin continues to lead an exemplary business year after year!

Orin takes pride in his community involvement and donates both his time and resources to many organizations. I have personally served with him on the 4th of July Celebration Committee for the past three years and witnessed firsthand the price he takes in the Anaheim community.

Orin’s stellar reputation of quality, commitment and service speaks volumes, and The Chamber of Commerce looks forward to a continued partnership.


Todd Ament


Anaheim Chamber of Commerce

April 2006

It is with great pleasure that I offer this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Orin Abrams and At-Your Service Hospitality, Inc. Mr. Abrams has been responsible for all of the food and beverage services for the Anaheim Hills Golf Course Clubhouse, which is owned and operated by the City of Anaheim, Since June of 2003.

Since the initiation of our business relationship, Mr. Abrams has taken the service of our catering operation to a new level. The quality off At-Your-Service Hospitality Inc. begins with an attentive and creative staff and is best illustrated in the amount of business that has been attracted to our new facility. The quality of presentation and attention to detail has resulted in making the Clubhouse the premier location for special events in Anaheim Hills. I can confidently state that Mr. Abrams’ performance has consistently exceeded our expectations. As such, I would recommend his company, without reservation, for any organization that is seeking a responsible business partner.


Terry D.Lowe


Anaheim Community Services Department

August 2002

Having AYSH handle all of our food, beverage and meeting service needs has helped increase our OCCUPANCY and ADR dramatically. AYSH has made my life easier, allowed me to attend to many other priorities, and now I can ignore the food and beverage headaches and nightmares I used to have. AYSH was instrumental in my being awarded the Shilo Hotels General Manager of the Year for 1998, from amongst 47 hotel properties.

Heinz Gehner

General Manager

Shilo Hilltop Suites & Convention Center

April 2001

We certainly made the right decision when we entered into a partnership with AT-YOUR-SERVICE HOSPITALITY in 1997. As you know, the hotel was awarded the Sunstone Hotels ‘1999 Hotel of the Year’, chosen from a group of 59 hotels. We recognize the fact that we could not achieve these accolades without the quality product and professional service your organization delivers to our guests.

Connie Fairbanks

General Manager

Residence Inn River Ridge by Marriott

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